Hostyle Conditioning

Hostyle Powerlifting with Big Phil

Hey everyone, Today, I’m going to quickly go over how I run powerlifting on Wednesday nights. In April, I began teaching a “powerlifting” class. I considered this opportunity as an interesting challenge because, when it comes to training, everyone comes along with different baggage. I was lucky enough that most participants had the ability to put a bar on their back. For those that could, I wanted to establish a working weight for their squats so I kept it simple.[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Kettlebell / Prowler Gauntlet Workout

I hadn’t coached a Saturday morning class in quite a few weeks, so when Daryl said he needed the morning off I was glad to take the 8 and 9 am class. So I wanted to do a tough workout that pushed Cardio, Core and Strength workout so I threw down the classic Kettlebell – Prowler combo We lined up kettlebells from 8 kg to 40 kg in 4 kg increments and loaded up the prowlers with 12 and 16[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning – vacations and weight gain

  Today I want to speak to you about Vacations and weight gain. I have many clients who gets stressed about vacation time while they are trying to lose weight. I also talk about how to get out of vacation mode once it’s over and get back to your training and eating better. All too often people fall off the wagon completely after going on vacation and a week off turns into 3 months of no training and going back[…]

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