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Hostyle Conditioning – Train outside your box PLUS weekly weigh in

  In today’s Video It’s back to the weekly weigh in and I talk about training outside your box or comfort zone. One of the best aspects of the training we do at Hostyle is the variety of different training disciplines. From barbells and weights to kettlebells and sandbags, We Incorporate yoga and mobility with cardio and endurance. I believe that you should also do this with chosing some of your fitness and conditioning goals. As a powerlifter i have[…]

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Hostyle Powerlifting – World meet Phil Landry

Hey everyone, I have been working with Curd for a few months now and he has asked me to maintain a blog at It will consist primarily of my thoughts about training, but we’ll see where it goes! I suppose I should start by providing you with a little bit of background about me. I have been lifting weights since I was 15 years old. I have been very lucky in that, my parents insisted I remain active, and[…]

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Bench Press, Spartan 2013 and Hostyle Kettlebell system dvd

I know I havent done a video blog in quite sometime, I’ve been meaning to get to it sooner so with out further BS reasons here I go.     Like I was saying in the video the bench meet went very well here was my first attempt at 365 ish pounds Then I went up to 403 ish then for my 3rd attempt 424 ish There was more left in me , but the game plan was to get back to[…]

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