Hostyle Conditioning

Friday Morning Prowler Festival

This morning was a nice cool morning so it was perfect for a hard ass Prowler workout. So we ran the Prowler Timer We had 2 prowlers and so 2 teams, guys against girls!!! While a team mate was running the prowler the others were hiting Kettlebell Shrugs Kettlebell Upright rows Kettlebell Bent over Rows   We ran Singles, Doubles, and even a Triple prowler run…The triple was truly devastating. Then we ran Prowler shuttles for 6 minutes str8 to[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning delivers an exceptional workout

We do a ton of different workouts here at Hostyle conditioning everyday. I’d like to think they are all awesome. For the most part they are very good and challenging. As I watch a workout go from paper and pen – to the white board – then into action I get to see the reality of the workout and how it really impacts the group that’s performing it. Every so often A workout come up that really rocks the group,[…]

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