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Hostyle Bench Press Seminar feedback

This past Saturday May 12th we held our Hostyle bench press seminar. 6 guys attended the 3 hour event which breaks down each person’s bench press technique and works on addressing their specific weak areas. We start with a proper mobility based warm up. Then we go over new bench technique as each lifter works his way up on the bench. Then we go on to establish new PR’s for each lifter. After that we go into what assistance exercises[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Bootcamp 613-830-9300

  This Morning was a great workout for the 6 am crew. One of may favorite formats for training Ottawa bootcamps is Timed intervals. This is a great way to train a group of people who have different fitness levels. I pick a series of exercises and the group has to perform as mant reps as possible for the prescribed time. So is some in is fitter or stronger in burpees he or she will get more reps within the[…]

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