Hostyle Conditioning

The Eric 100

  Many of the traininees at Hostyle conditioning have been hearing about the Eric 100. Eric Whissle who has lost 150 lbs with us is getting ready to go info Surgery in May to have his excess skin from the huge weightloss removed. Before he goes in he wanted to really add a big push in his training before he is off for a few weeks after his surgery. So he decided he was going to do 100 sit-ups after[…]

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Hostyle benching in Cornwall last Saturday

  Once again we hit up Quest gym in Cornwall for some heavy benching   I was feeling better from the bronchitis so I was ready to get a better workout in. warm up Raw bench 315 for 8 Reverse black bands 315 for 10 405 for 6 495 for 5 545 for 2 585 for 1 with a little help on the mid part 585 for 1 almost got it better attempt Shirted bench 495 for 1 585 for[…]

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