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Hostyle and Peter Hamilton the comeback kid!!

As many of you may or may not know, before the amazing Eric Whisslle came on the scene and lost 150+ lbs. We had another inspirational transformation with Peter Hamilton. Pete had lost over 120 lbs with us at Hostyle Conditioning. Infact Peter was Eric’s Inspiration when Eric started with us 18 months ago. Then Peter had some big kicks in the face from life, he lost his job adn was unemployed for months, knowing he had to do something[…]

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Benching In Cornwall Friday Nite

It had been about 5 weeks since i trained with boys in Montreal. I was pumped about meeting up with the crew this time in Cornwall at Quest Gym on 5th  St. Tom, the owner has a great no nonsense hard core facility there and naturally I loved it. It was supposed to be heavy Shirted bench , but after i warmed up and looked thru my gym bag I saw that I had forgot my powerlifting belt and without the belt[…]

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Hostyle 300 Wake up Kettlebell Challenge

Tobin has been busy working on some great challenges for the kettlebell classes, Instead of sleeping at night he works his kettlebell magic (does he sleep hanging upside down?) His latest work of Evil Kettlebell Genius consisted of the Hostyle 300 Wake up Kettlebell challenge for the Beginner level. here it is…. 40 x 2 Handed Swings 20 x Upright Rows and Press 40 x Kettlebell Crunches 40 x Catchers Squats (elbows touch) 20 x Kettlebell Pushups 40 x Around the[…]

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