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Whats the Best Training Frequency

Today I want to talk about the most efficient way to get the most results in changing your fitness and conditioning, while burning slabs of fat and building lean muscle tissue. Doing Hostyle conditioning 3X per week alternating with steady state cardio (like walking) is the best way to training for maximum changes in both your physique and athletic capability. The Hi intensity Hostyle training pushes the body`s threshold of strength and metabolic conditioning. this forces the body to make[…]

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Special Yoga Tune up Session at Hostyle tomorrow nite for our clients

We at Hostyle have a little treat for our clients tomorrow At the end of the 7pm kettlebell class and at the beginning of the 8 pm Kettlebell Class We will have Kristin Marvin as a guest presenter on of Self Message using a yoga ball * Kristin Marvin, an Integrated Certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher will teach you the art of self-massage with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls. * Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls for self-massage are specifically[…]

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Weekly weigh in, Benching, and Hot Babes

Weekly Weigh in.. As many of u know I competed last Saturday in the 100% Raw Provincials Bench Press meet, here at Hostyle. It went well, I Benched 425lbs, and set a record in the 40-44 old dude catergory.. In preparing for the comp I always eat a little more the week before the meet to be at full strength. Especially Since I missed that 425 in September.. So My Body weight went from 306.2 to 314 at the meet. In[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning on Beta Alanine Performance Supplement

So with the weekend being our 100% Raw Bench Provincials I decided it was good time to a video one of my top 5 PERFORMANCE Supplements Beta Alanine Boost Explosive Muscular Strength & Power Output. Increases Muscle Mass Boosts Muscular Anaerobic Endurance Increases Aerobic Endurance Increase Exercise Capacity so You Can Train Harder & Longer Beta Alanine is the real WOW supplement. With literally hundreds of different supplements available and so many that are based on bogus claims and ridiculous[…]

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Thank You from Hostyle Conditioning

Hey Kids Been a while since my last Video or blog post.. Lots of great training and life altering transformations happening around here at Hostyle Conditioning….. Here is a video I just shot that has been a bit overdue. As much as I help the Hostyle clan in their training and reshaping their lives inside and out, your progress and amazing effort fuels my own training and self improvement. First and foremost thank you! Thank You for taking the time[…]

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