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Hostyle Conditioning Kettlebell Spartan Training outside

Last Night we hit the Hills for some Kettlebell – Spartan Style Training We had the following Kettlebell Stations set up along the Course up and and down the Hill. ATH – Around the Head Upright Row and Press Towel Swings Also Sled Dragging Sled Pulling Pony Jump Station Big Hill run at the beginning of each round then short runs between stations Round # 1 10 reps of all stations Round # 2 20 reps Round # 3 30[…]

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Bench Training Session Log

Todays Bench Session Saturday max effort bench Aug 4 5 sets of 3 rep took last week off benching 445 Set 1 1 st tough 2 and. 3 Set 2 1st gr8 2 good 3 little help Set 3 1st awesome 2 good 3 better Set 4 same as above Set 5 same Speed Chain benching 5 sets of 3 4 chains 20lbs each 255 in plate weight Dips BDW 5 sets 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps 10 reps[…]

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Road to 275 Weekly Weigh in

  Back to the weekly weigh ins…. So been consistent with the couch to 5k run program – Monday – Wednesday – Friday. Two Murderous Kettlebell workouts Saturday and Mondaym as well my benching on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It was time to see what the sclae thought of all that… Here is the results of my last 2 weeks…     How are your goals coming along? Crush it!!    

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OMG its a “BAT” man ! Workout

I know alot of bloggers and Vloggers are making the most of the term “BATMAN” and the Dark Knight as headlines for their emails and writing to act as a great Hook to get you guys to read or open up their emails, Our Workout is a bit of a different story… For our 6 am workout this morning I had planned a really cool reverse sled Pulling workout where everyone had to work a certain exercise until one person[…]

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