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Hostyle on Why I Like a Quickie

  Alright ..calm down perverts…it’s not what you think. We all get days where we are so busy that by the time the smoke clears it’s late in the day and we still havent got to our workout. It’s easy and common place for most of us to throw our hands up and say screw it we’ll workout tomorrow. But next thing you know tomorrow is the same story and and so on and so on. Next thing you know[…]

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Hostyle on dealing with a back issues

Having back issues is a real Pain!! (Sorry I just had to do that) Back pain especially lower back and sciatica is becoming all to common a problem for many people. Most of the time it’s due to extremely weak core area. The core is not just the abdominal section but also the lower back, obliques, hip flexor region and the glutes. When this area is not conditioned properly as a whole, the lower spine is not readily supported and[…]

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