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Hostyle Weigh in Week #9

Well it’s week #9 of the 275 challenge And after my long weekend in Sudbury with my kids hockey tournament. Food was an issue living in a hotel, going from arena to arena. so I knew I had to buckle down come monday. I worked really hard monday, tuesday, wednesday and then hit the scale Thursday. check out the video below to see how I did.

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Hostyle Kettlebell System – 1 Arm swing

  This is another video of some of our basic kettlebell techniques that are extremely important in acquiring basic kettlebell movements that are necessary to progress to more complicated movements. One arm swings are the key to running longer training cycles as well as transferring the kettlebell from one arm to the other. Proper technique ensures maintaining smooth rythum and avoids injury and wear on the elbow. Check it out and Crush your next workout with One arm swings!!!

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