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Hostyle on Powerlifting and Strongman with Paul Vaillancourt

A good buddy of mine who is also an exceptional Strongman athlete stopped by today and I had a chance to sit down with Paul and talk powerlifting, strongman and bodybuilding. Similar to an earlier video I did with Pat Barnes on Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, Paul and I talked about how the 3 worlds of Powerlifting, Strongman, and bodybuilding should and could co-exist. Combining the 3 worlds in your training would produce a better trained athlete in strength, power, endurance[…]

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The Hostyle Vision

  I get asked often what is Hostyle Conditioning and what makes it different from types of training. I talk about my philosophy on training, intensity and change.

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Hostyle Week #4 weigh in

Alright week #4 is upon us. I had a great workout last night with Tobin (tah-bin) he delivered another great kettlebell workout that really pushed us on a strength isometric level. I weighed in and hit my steady state treadmill this morning and shot this video with my weigh in update. Crushing it!!

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Hostyle Powerlifter vs Bodybuilder

  Today I decided it was time tackle the age old debate on powerlifting and bodybuilding being separate sports. In this video I sit down with Pat Barnes who is a drug free bodybuilder. Pat has been training with me for over a year, doing heavy bench training every tuesday morning. Watch the video.

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