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The 14 Day Fat Furnace Program

Congratulations on taking REAL Action!

So here are a few things to know and have get ready for this awesome 14 day fat furnace session:

  • Small note book or agenda for your food diary — those who do this one step alone lose 25-50% more than those who don’t
  • Proper workout attire
  • Water bottle
  • Towel — oh, you will be sweating!

Workouts are Monday and Friday at 8pm sharp! Arrive 7:45 to fill out necessary paperwork on the first night. We weigh in at the start of the first night and we weigh in again at the start of the 2nd wednesday (final workout).

7 Day Meal Plan — IMPORTANT!

Email me [email protected] ASAP so I can email you your food plan. This way you can get your food prep ready the Sunday night before we start.

All workouts end with a 10-minute cool down. I also use this time to do a Q&A about what you’re encountering with the training, food, and anything else that comes up!

Remember, you are now 11% more awesome just for reading this. Can you imagine how much more awesome you will be after the 14 days!

I look forward to CRUSHING IT with you!


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