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10 Things that will make you Stronger

10 Things that will make you Stronger

Everyone wants to get bigger and stronger. Here are 10 starting points to get you headed in the right direction. Are there more? Absolutely but master these and you will be well on your way.

1 – Deadlift
Of the 3 big lifts (squat – bench – deadlift) The deadlift is the king for building brute power and strength. This one exercise will improve
• Power
• Core
• Explosiveness
• Thick muscle bellies in the back – legs – glutes and hamstrings
• Functional athleticism – move like cat – hit like a truck!

Learn how to do it properly and do it consistently!

2 – Kettlebell Swings

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more efficient in engaging the core, posterior chain (ass, hamstrings, hips and lower back) while blasting cardio and conditioning. 6 square feet and a couple Kettlebells and your all set. Work 5 minutes of kettlebell swings with a 24 kg and tell me what you think when you can talk again. Learn to do swings correctly HERE.

3 – Get some sleep

Over all recovery and hormone production happens at night when you’re sleeping. In your deep REM sleep stage is where you body wants to rock its hormone production – testosterone, growth hormne, and igf-1. Get a min of 6 hours sleep per nite.

Now the experts all claim that you need 8 – 10 hours for optimal results. Seriously – only people on welfare have that luxury so realistically aim for 6 hours on a consistent basis. If you can get those 8+ hours every nite…get a job!!!!

4 – Oh and Squat and Bench too!

These are the other 2 big lifts that make a huge difference..period! Do them, and do them consistently.
I just want to point out that leg press is ok as an assistance exercise. Anyone who has built real strength and size doesn’t give a crap about your one legged partial 1200 lb leg press. And that shaping cable crossover on a decline bench for your chest is just nature’s way of telling us you’re a dumbass.


5 – Mobility – Yoga

Yeah I said it! Yoga and other mobility is key to harnessing your real strength and power. As a man in his late forties, I wish I would have started this when I was just starting our lifting when I was 18. You can’t access your real strength if you can’t line up your mechanics properly.

Spend 2 -3 weeks on getting better Ankle, hip and thoracic mobility and you will add 25 – 50 lbs to your 3 big lifts just like that.
Use this Mobility Based warm-up to start to improve your overall mobility.

6 – Work Hard

You want to really improve strength and muscle mass? Work freakin hard! If you’re not breathing hard and sweating between sets for the duration of your workout, stop fooling yourself that you gonna get any real results.

A few years ago I was training with a training partner at a local gym (before my Hostyle facility) I was working some raw 545 lb benches and my training partner was hitting some 425’s.

About 30 minutes into our workout one of the young lads came over with his wife beater on and ipod in his ear’s and asks me..

Kid – “can I ask you guys something”
Me – “sure”
Kid – “what’s your secret to lifting so heavy”
Me – “ look around the gym and tell me what you see – what’s the difference between me and my partner and everyone else?” as I hit a my next set
Kid – “ guys are bigger?”
Me – “yeah, but we didn’t start that way, look again” – Now I’m spotting my partner
Kid – “ guys are working the basic lifts?”
Me – “yes that’s one thing, but it’s not the biggest difference” – I’m hitting my next set
After about 2 more minutes the kid shakes his head and says “I give up”
Me – “ok , look training partner and I are the ONLY ONES ..SWEATING!!!”

He was totally dumbfounded..he just walked away, shaking his head. He could not believe it was such a basic concept. HE wanted it to be some sort of magic trick or top secret supplement. If he admitted that it was true, he would also have to admit that he was severely lacking in his work ethic and desire to grind out hard workouts to achieve his goal.

In his mind he wasn’t lazy, we were just genetically gifted! I’m sure that’s what he was telling his friends around the cable crossover.

7 – Less is more – Keep it to 5 exercises per workout

And I mean 5 exercises to cover Chest/shoulders/ Triceps or Legs/Back/ Biceps in the same workout. If you are truly working hard, and pushing the yourself on each set (always with great form) There is NO way you can do 4 exercises for chest 3 for shoulders and 3 for triceps (1 for each triceps head—Stupidity).

The only way you can hit all those exercises is to sub perform each one of them. That will produce very little results.

Hit your chest hard with 2 Chest exercises – 1 for shoulders and 1 – 2 for triceps all in 45 minutes. This is what really makes a big difference. Get in – Crush your workout – Get out and recover/grow!

8 – Eat Protein

Simple, not enuff protein = Less muscle = Less Hormone production = Less results
Hit 1.5 – 2 grams per lb of bodyweight.

This is so basic that of you don’t do it, you’re an idiot.
Protein = Awesome. ………Less protein = weak ass-ed- ness

lots of protein hostyle conditioning

9 – Shit only works for 4 – 6 weeks

You’re body is an amazing adaptive machine. Undergo  consistent stress and you adapt. The right stress the right adaptation. After 4 – 6 weeks however you’ve pretty much done all the adapting you’re gonna do.
Stop calling it a “plateau” and start calling it “mission accomplished” then change it up for another 4 – 6 weeks.

10 – Be consistent and put your time in!

I often have to hold back the urge to throat punch bitches that complain about not hitting 3 plates (315) on their bench press after a whole 8 – 12 weeks of training half ass-ed-ly at the local globo gym or Y.

Some lifters train their entire careers and never hit that mile stone. Those who have reached it have earned it through hard work and determination.

BTW – I only consider it a true bench if it pauses on the chest and is locked out with your ass on the bench, and I never believe it without seeing it or watching a video. Unless another lifter I know vouches for it.

shitty bench press hostyle conditioning

Strength training is a way of life and a skill set that is always improving. Respect what others have worked for and build your own self respect by putting your time in and achieving great lift lifts with great form.

Along the way you will build power, muscle and a way of life that will keep you young forever.

Crush it!


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