Gym is Closed

Dear members and friends,

It is with great regret that Orleans Fitness Warehouse Inc (OFWI) has reached a point where it can no longer keep the gym operating.

Despite best efforts, over the last 2 years I have been running at a financial level that is barely break even/loss. Almost every month I have had to shore up expenses from my own pocket pocket placing myself and my family in a financially unstable position. This has placed OFWI in significant debt.

Add to the mix the landlord refusing to remedy a number of ongoing issues such as:

  • the leaks from the businesses above us;
  • lack of cleanliness in the garbage area in the back of the building (all along our space) resulting in horrible smell, issues with flies and rodents of all kinds;
  • poor lighting in the back ( making things unsafe for staff and increasing potential security issues over night);
  • dangerous conditioning with snow and ice during winter;
  • continual battles for parking spaces during our events ( with threats of clients being ticketed or towed) – when most of the other tenants have been given designated parking spots also indicating other clients will be towed.

What has further exasperated the financial cost of running this gym is:

  • Rising utility costs;
  • Increases to minimum wage;
  • Increases to Stat Holiday.

Dealing with all the above while striving to make this a great gym with great content and results for you, the members, has been quite difficult over the last two (2) years.

The stress levels have been tremendous and have really started to take a huge toll on me and my family as well as our finances.

Therefore, a change needs to happen. Effective immediately OFWI has closed the gym. As a result, OFWI has not billed any member for the beginning of August.

Moving forward, OFWI has sent the landlord a new proposal that is intended to address a number of the ongoing issues. If he agrees to the proposal, it would allow OFWI to continue to operate the gym while the landlord addresses some of the deficiencies. OFWI has also informed the landlord that an answer has to be reached within the next 48-72 hours.

Should OFWI and the landlord not be able to reach a new agreement OFWI will cease to operate.

Members billed for the 15th of July will receive a 50 % refund on those dues within 30 – 60 days.

OFWI is also making arrangements for clients with remaining personal training sessions to continue your sessions with your coach at another facility to be announced shortly.

This was a difficult decision to come to, but OFWI can no longer proceed this way any more.

Being optimistic, OFWI had hoped it could overcome these huge roadblocks

OFWI has no doubt many of you will be disappointed!

Please feel free to message me on Facebook or email me [email protected] should you have questions.

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Orleans Fitness Warehouse Inc (OFWI )
Per Curd Hos