Hostyle Conditioning

Groupon Deal for Bootcamp classes

What is the purpose of the group on deal?

Simple, we offer this deal to NEW clients only, it is a means to introduce the awesomeness of  our Bootcamp classes at Hostyle Conditioning to you. Before you make any decision to join one of our monthly programs you get a chance to experience our training system and facility at a fraction of it’s cost.

How do I get Started?

Once you purchase one of the packages below we will contact you to schedule your Orientation class. Our orientation classes take place on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. You must arrive at 15 minutes prior to fill out the necessary paper work before you can start the class.

You must reserve one of these spots as we only take 6 people maximum per orientation session. If you do not attend the the orientation class you have booked it will still count as one of your visits.

We use this opportunity to work with you and teach you

  • our mission
  • how Hostyle was started
  • teach you our basic mobility warm up
  • cover 6 – 8 of our basic exercises
  • teach you our mobility cool down

Once we have completed this class our coach will talk with the group and with the schedule and show you which classes are best suited for you based on how you did during the orientation.

This orientation counts as one of your visits on the pass you purchased.

How long do I have to use the package I bought?

You have 30 days to use up your package from the date of your Orientation class. So think about your schedule before you decide which package you are going to take. There are no exceptions.

Can the Groupon Deal be Used for Youth Training or the Hangar Gym?

No, youth training requires much more attention to detail from our coaches as we are working with kids who are still developing mentally and physically. Adults have better comprehension and body awareness (most times).

The Hangar is our stand alone gym – great space with the best equipment – GroupOn or similar offers CANNOT be used for the Hangar

Can I combine the Group On with any other package at Hostyle?

No, once you have trained at Hostyle under any package. ie 1 week $20 pass or or $ 20 Kettlebell Basics class you are no longer considered a New client.

Can I get the group on deal if I used to be a member a long time ago?

No, Hostyle was awesome then and it’s even better today so you know what your in for. New members only!

Do I get the same level of service as a regular member?

Yes, absolutely! I coach everyone at Hostyle with same passion and focus whether you a Group On client or one of my longest reigning clients. We take your fitness goals seriously, that is why you start with an Orientation so you can enter our training system as smoothly and effectively as possible.

When will I be able to join Hostyle?

By the end of the 3rd week on your group on we will send your options at Hostyle via email. From that point you simply let us know how you want to proceed.

Can I purchase one of these packages as a gift for someone else.

Yes, as long as they are a new member no problem. The more the merrier! They still have to attend the orientation session as their first class.

Are the packages transferable?


Are there refunds?

No, that is why we have this information section.

Like anything else we want you to be sure of your purchase. Plus the fact that it at such a reduced rate it really limits the risk to our new clients. You are not stuck in a long term contract if you find that we are just too Awesome for you!

Once started can I purchase other services like your Physical Assessment or Nutritional assessments?

Yes, they are purchased separately and would not count as one of your package sessions. In fact we highly recommend these assessments because it really allows us to get to know you and your goal and specific needs on a much more individual level.

You can get them here ==> Assessments

I didn’t use up all my passes within 30 days – can I get more time?

No, sorry once started, you have the 30 days to get your classes in. Remember this is an incredible value and it’s meant to get you to experience Hostyle at a very low barrier cost wise, while receiving the quality of a regular membership.

Below is the offer if you want to take advantage of this deal

Please Read the FAQ above before purchasing.

Not Valid for the Hangar Gym – Bootcamp classes only

Group On Deal 5 – 10 – or 15 pass select below