Hostyle Conditioning

Tobin Decou

Tobin DeCou is a personal trainer, Hostyles’ Chief Kettlebell Officer, and Spartan Coach. He has a long time athletic background in endurance sports. Being a retired competitive endurance mountain biker (24-hour races) and Adventure Racer (1st place at the 2006 National Canadian Adventure Racing Championships and many more great memories), he’s done everything from rock climbing, all kinds of paddling, orienteering, mountaineering and more. He even got himself an Ironman Canada medal just to get that checked off his bucket list just before turning 40.

He’s also a cross country skier, having several Canadian Ski Marathon Coureur des Bois Gold pins to his name and more to come. He has been a coach for Adventure Racing, ropes instructor, paddling, team building, wilderness map and compass navigation and a Spinning instructor for over a decade.

Tobin discovered Kettlebells in the early 2000s, using this as a key tool in developing core strength, a strong grip and overall endurance power to help him push forward in 5-6 day non-stop Adventure races. The Kettlebell helped him stay healthy and minimise injuries during Years of abuse on his body. And of course, he had to share this passion with others and this is obvious in all his Kettlebell classes.

Now enjoying some good times at the Spartan races with his wife Ann and some Hostyle friends, they are going for a second Spartan Trifecta in 2014. Having a few beautiful children and a full time job, Tobin understands all too well the life of a busy parent, which brings us to his other project of delivering quality, efficient at home Kettlebell workouts at