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Hostyle Reverse Band Press and Ocillating Band/Kettlebell Benching

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In getting back into my bench press Training after my disappointing performance at the Raw bench Eastern’s This Month.

I am focus on speed and tightness off the chest and and speed and drive thru the sticking point.

Tuesday’s have now become my ME (max effort) days.

I am focusing on Reverse Band Press for speed thru the sticking point to lockout.

For the Tightness  and speed off the chest I am trying Oscillating Band/Kettlebell benching.

Tuesdays are a shorter and more intense session, and saturdays are my volume bench and press training as I prepare for 2 meets in November.

For Reverse bands I am starting with 495 for 5 singles

For Oscillating bands/kettlebells I am working with 290 lbs for 5sets of 3 reps

Here is some video footage of last nites training session…




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