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Hostyle on the importance of Protein


One of the most basic fundamentals fo Hostyle nutrition is Protein intake.

Yesterday I spoke to 15 atheletes from “The Farm” youth conditioning.

Watching Shawn working the boys hard I knew it was important for me to address protein requirements.

Shawn had asked me earlier in the week if I could do a talk on nutrition mid week for his spring camp.
I could have have talked about many aspects, but with only 30 minutes as a time frame, I had to pick the most
important nutrient issue…..


Below is the Video of my talk, I am addressing the group so I sometimes move off camera as I deliver
my protein monolouge….

Watch and see how and why Protein is so Critical for success….

Crush It!

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  1. Tobin - March 19, 2012 5:05 pm

    Well done! Great info. Thanks. I’ll pass it on.


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