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Hostyle on dealing with a back issues

Having back issues is a real Pain!! (Sorry I just had to do that) Back pain especially lower back and sciatica is becoming all to common a problem for many people. Most of the time it’s due to extremely weak core area. The core is not just the abdominal section[…]

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Hostyle Sandbag Training

What a great morning workout! Warm up Prowler Rabid Kats X 10 Amrap 30 (As Many Rounds As Possible in 30 Minutes of Sandbag Shouldering 5 per side Stairs with sandbag –  2 trips Sandbag Push Press X 10 Sandbag Squats X 10  

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Motivational Picture of the day!

Don’t feel like training today, maybe a little tired from the weekend? or maybe your one of these ” I’m too busy to train for 30 minutes today” people? What do you thinks stops this guy from doing anything!!!

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