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Hostyle Conditioning Deadlift and Kettlebell Swings Hybrid Workout

Our next installment of Kettles and Powerlifting Hybrid training This was 8 rounds of Deadlifts for 5 Reps and Double Kettlebell Swingsfor 15 reps each…90 secs rest between sets Use a weight you can deadlift 10 -12 reps with and then a a moderate weight for your Bouble kettlebell swings..

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WTF!!!…..Where did Hostyle go?

In case u missed it Hostyle Conditioning has moved!!!!! We are now located at 1977A St Joseph Blvd under the Royal Oak besides the “Wine Garden” Same phone number 613-830-9300.   We have more than doubled in size to 6000 Sq Ft! Much Bigger Workout Space Large Change rooms Lockers[…]

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A Hostyle Protein Bar Recipe

Here is a simple yet tasty protein bar recipe that can keep your protein intake nice and high. Its got 36 grams of carbs per bar and if you make them with whole oats it a great low Glycemic source of carbs for your morning meals. Thanks, Denis for the[…]

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