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Action conquers Fear everytime

I recently posted a video on youtube and Facebook of me squatting.

It’s been a long time since I hit that exercise. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. It’s been literally years since I dead any heavy Barbell squats. But I wanted to get back into this exercise since I had been back into dead lifting for the last 8 weeks or so.

Having Coach Jess here with us at Hostyle has also motivated me as he is crazy into the 3 big barbell lifts. It’s been bringing the “18 year old ” in me back out.

Most strong guys who haven’t done a lift in a longtime..(years) wouldn’t video themselves let alone post it on facebook for fear of looking weak compared to the stronger days of that lift.

I think that’s a mistake, will some people snicker..for sure..will some people say stupid shit..absolutely…

I don’t give a fuck…I do this for myself and to show others out there, it’s not age..its not’s Action that’s gonna see me improving my squat.

If  you’ve been wanting to get back to a lift and have been to intimidated, screw your ego and your fears…go do smart and build up..

here’s the video


Crush it!


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