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Awesomeness at Hostyle this week

Some of the cool stuff that we saw at Hostyle this week….     Sabina adding some intensity to her Bring Sally up Push ups     Young Doug getting ready to Crush it on the Prowler!!     The 3 Amigos hitting some partner push-ups at the 7 pm[…]

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Hostyle Coach Ryan Richards

You gotta stay Motivated to succeed!!

How to Stay Motivated in the Gym Staying motivated is not always the easiest thing to do, especially in fitness, where it’s a journey of progression. Think to yourself, have you ever gotten a gym membership and were extremely excited to get back into shape? You even bought all new[…]

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Tuesday May 28th 2013

Warm up 8 minutes Workout Round 1 Barbell Cleans 21 Burpees 9 Run 500m Round 2 Barbell Cleans 18 Burpees 12 Run 1000m Round 3 Barbell Cleans 15 Burpees 15 Run 1500m Round 4 Barbell Cleans 12 Burpees 18 Run 1000m Round 5 Barbell Cleans 9 Burpees 21 Run 500m[…]

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