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Beast for the Feast – after week one

  So here we are ending week 1 of the Beast for the Feast 6 week challenge We are getting some of the results of people weighing in after 7 days of training at Hostyle and eating cleaner. Those who have been applying the knowledge from our nutrition seminar along[…]

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Soda Kills

“Soda is the caffeine delivery vehicle of choice for millions of people worldwide, but comes with phosphorous as a passenger” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. “This research suggests that our phosphorous balance inf luences the aging process, so don’t tip it.” New research published online in[…]

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Beast for the Feast 6 week challenge

**************************************************** 6 Week Beast for the Feast Challenge ***************************************************** Dominate Your Fat Loss before New Years Eve Take control of your nutrition and fitness. and learn how to eat healthy and exercise for the rest of your life. No gimmicks, no fad diets, just the latest in nutrition and training[…]

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