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Spartan – “Courageous in the face of pain, danger, or adversity” AND MUD!!!

On June 2/3, the Spartan Sprint Race returned to Ottawa.   The race was 5k of running with about 20 crazy obstacles at the Rideau-Carleton Race Way.      Spartan races are a unique challenge ~   one does not know what obstacles are going to be on the course until one arrives at each.  Last year, the  terrain (Camp Fortune) made the race a challenge. This[…]

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Mobility Mobility Mobility

You can never work mobility enough especially for the hips and shoulders. So with Tonites 6 pm Mobility class I am starting a week long focus on the shoulders. Not only will we be doing it tonite but it will be added to the end of every workout this week.[…]

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Friday Morning Prowler Festival

This morning was a nice cool morning so it was perfect for a hard ass Prowler workout. So we ran the Prowler Timer We had 2 prowlers and so 2 teams, guys against girls!!! While a team mate was running the prowler the others were hiting Kettlebell Shrugs Kettlebell Upright[…]

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