Hostyle Conditioning


Hostyle Sandbag Training

What a great morning workout! Warm up Prowler Rabid Kats X 10 Amrap 30 (As Many Rounds As Possible in 30 Minutes of Sandbag Shouldering 5 per side Stairs with sandbag –  2 trips Sandbag Push Press X 10 Sandbag Squats X 10  

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Motivational Picture of the day!

Don’t feel like training today, maybe a little tired from the weekend? or maybe your one of these ” I’m too busy to train for 30 minutes today” people? What do you thinks stops this guy from doing anything!!!

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The Eric 100

  Many of the traininees at Hostyle conditioning have been hearing about the Eric 100. Eric Whissle who has lost 150 lbs with us is getting ready to go info Surgery in May to have his excess skin from the huge weightloss removed. Before he goes in he wanted to[…]

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